TriggerPoint MB5 Massage Ball

R 600.00

The TriggerPoint MB5 Massage Ball roller replicates the pressure of a massage therapist’s elbow to help relieve tightness and restore movement in hard-to-reach muscles like the glutes, hips, and shoulders. The massage ball measures 5" in diameter and elevates the body while in use to target and release muscle tension for increased range of motion. TriggerPoint empowers people of all lifestyles to move and feel better.


* Massage ball replicates the pressure of a massage therapist’s hands to help relieve muscle tightness, 5-inch diameter allows for use on larger hard-to-reach muscle groups like hips and shoulders
* Ideal for relieving tightness and restoring movement and mobility throughout the entire body
* Encourages blood and oxygen flow to enhance overall movement, range of motion and performance
* Easy to clean foam surface
* 5 inch diameter, weighs 5.8 oz., 1-year manufacturer's warranty

TriggerPoint designs and develops innovative massage therapy tools that mimic the touch of a therapist’s hands - making their foam rollers, hand rollers, massage sticks and balls ideal for individuals of all ages, sizes, and athletic ability.