SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro

R 899.00

Ladders are a speed and agility training staple for soccer, football, basketball, and baseball players alike. And now, the Quick Ladder Pro offers a solution with no webbing. No webbing means no tangling; no tangling means no training time lost. Inspired by the concertina, or accordion fold of Chinese fans, the Quick Ladder Pro keeps things efficient during training sessions. Rigid, hinged sides and overall durable construction make for easy folding and unfolding. Simply put, it’s the ladder to replace all ladders

* Improve acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction
* Tangle-free fold means no time spent untangling and more time training
* Ends and sides are extensible for attaching more ladders
* Low profile edges minimize chance of catching cleats
* Rigid, hinged side rails for easy set-up and breakdown