SKLZ Pro Training Utility Weight

R 999.00

The wait for better weights is over. Constructed with high-quality, durable rubber and designed to work with the Pro Training System, these 4 pound weights firmly secure Pro Training Poles, Arcs, and Goals on any surface.

The SKLZ Pro Utility Cones are designed for dedicated coaches, players, and trainers to improve your agility, grace, power and speed. Help find your stability and grounding in your sports equipment, as you find power in your training. The set of 2 weights weigh 4 lbs. each, making them perfect for firm footing and powerful shots. These superiorly designed weights are built to be paired with plyometrics, and agility training equipment and tools. Made of high-quality, ultra-durable rubber, they will survive hours of practice and years of use. Pair them with agility poles, arcs, or goals and nets. The square base provides more stability as you work out on the turf, courts, grass, or any other surface. Bring variety to your practice, workouts, and drills as you train harder and reach for endless results. SKLZ athletic equipment is just as strong as you are. SKLZ is dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their goals.

* Holds up the Pro Training Agility Poles and Arcs for use on any surface
* Adds stability to Quickster Soccer Trainer and Pro Training Goals for better balance on all surfaces
* 4 lb each of durable rubber
* Comes in a set of 2