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About our program and its affiliations. 

The team from SWIMMING.co.za offer the SAI (StarFish Aquatics Institute) and the PADI Swim Instructor Programs. Both these organisations are represented globally. PADI International is the world's biggest SCUBA training agency and Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) is one of the world's largest swim and lifeguard training agencies.

uses an integrated, experiential approach to learning, with performance-based, benchmarked structures. 

is the world leader in SCUBA and underwater training with both ISO, and CEN approved standards. PADI is a world leader in training and education programs. Both SAI and PADI have very stringent quality assurance programs. The training is unparalleled, and there is no other training association that comes close to matching these standards in Africa. 

We offer 3 module programs.

Module 1 - StarBabies & StarTots
Module 2 
- Learn To Swim & Swim School
Module 3 
- Stroke School


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Why Choose the Starfish Aquatics and PADI Swimming Programs?

  • Internationally recognised swim instruction program 
  • Innovative and effective teaching methods
  • Safety concepts built into the curriculum at every level
  • Easy transitions from other programs
  • Curriculum can be incorporated into current program
  • Cost-effective with minimal paperwork 
  • Direct Client support - No bureaucracy 
  • Quality resources for instructors
  • Great and merchandise for students 

What our do our recent candidates have to say about our Swim Instructor Course?

The Swim School courses for pre-school, youth and adult students focus on meeting core competencies required to develop efficient swimming skills and age appropriate safety skills:

  • Trust and submersion; 
  • Body positions and air recovery 
  • Includes rollover to back for air recovery
  • Forward movement and direction change; 
  • Rotary movement 
  • Transitions from rollover to side position for air recovery 
  • Integrated movement
  • Functional strokes 
  • Age-appropriate safety skills.

The Stroke School courses for pre-school, youth and adult students develop effective technique and endurance for:

  • Freestyle 
  • Backstroke 
  • Butterfly 
  • Breaststroke 

Contact: danny@dannymartin.co.za

Training and Certification Overview

The SWIMMING.co.za - Swim Instructor Training Courses are made up of 3 Modules that encompass all levels of training. Once you complete our course and log your required training / apprenticeship hours you will be rated to train all of the below-mentioned modules.

(6-18 Months)
StarTots (18-36 Months)
Swim School (3 Yrs +)  
Stroke School 
(3 Yrs +)

Each of our programs are broken into 5 colour levels. Each level contains both swim and safety skills that work toward the achievement of a swim and safety benchmark. The system allows instructors to easily grade the student until they master the benchmarks. Once the benchmarks are met, the student then moves to the next level. It is a performance-based system, allowing flexibility to the student and the trainer. 

Although you are not required to have all the materials, we feel that it is important to train with all the materials, so that you can identify and affiliate with the individual courses and levels. You also will need the materials once you start instructing.The standards and structure of the course are discussed in detail on the course. On completion of your program, you stay in contact with our Program Directors.

Once you have completed the Swim Instructor course, you will be registered with international SAI body or as a PADI Swim Instructor depending on how you wish to train your courses. You will then need to train, and stay in date in accordance with their quality assurance through your instructor trainer (program director). 

We will assist you in acquiring the in-water hours that you need to be comfortable to train. We will also work through the SAI and the PADI Swim School Standards and Guidelines for Quality Management. It is highly beneficial to you as an instructor to be aware of the course structure and standards. 
Once you are a Qualified SAI or PADI Swim Instructor and you want to start training, there is a full list of materials that you can purchase from the SWIMMING.co.za training team.
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Contact: danny@dannymartin.co.za
Please Note: To qualify as a PADI Swim Instructor you will need to affiliate to a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre and meet the required facility standards.

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