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Twit: @swimming_CoZa

Offices: * By Appointment ONLY! 
462b Fleetwood Avenue 
North Riding Equestrian Estates 
Randburg / Roodepoort (*Even Google gets confused about which metro we in...)
Gauteng, South Africa 

So here's the thing.... We form part of a the "It'ZA Thing" group and the thing with "It'ZA Thing" is they own so many website things... This means team from "It'ZA Thing" are very busy things... As a result our retail shop & shop room is only open on an appointment only basis, so if you keen to meet up with us to view a few of our things please drop us an e-mail as outlined above to set up a suitable day and time and we can get it all sorted for you.  

As a note... Just in case you where wondering, as we often do.. Wonder that is... We are also a sister company to the original website which is also part of "It'ZA Thing" which why allot of the products on the site have branding and why the product review videos are done from the guy from as that guy also owns this thing as well... Which makes him quite a busy guy.... It helps that he's also a lekkaaa dude cause he just brimming with cool ideas... Stay tuned cause "It'ZA Thing" is gonna be a really big thing...